.50 cal Familiarization fire  Familiarization fire with a pintle mounted .50 cal at targets of known ranges.

Estimating Range  Engage tanks at known ranges without using the LRF, practice scenario companion to the Estimating Range article.

Land Nav Course  Practice navigating from check point to check point using military grid co-ordinates and terrain association.  This scenario is a companion to the Map Reading chapter of the Dummies' Guide article.

Bradley gunnery training  Bradley gunnery practice scenario suitable for online training with an instructor as vehicle commander and trainee as gunner.

M2A2 Battlesight and Range Estimation Practice  Bradley gunnery practice scenario. This scenario is a companion to the Battlesight Engagements article.


M2 Bradley Engaging Moving Target  Brief *.wmv file of Bradley engaging a BMP. Companion file to Engaging Moving Target from BFV article.




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