The tanks modeled in Steel Beasts have computers that can compute the lead necessary to hit a moving target.  The Bradleys do not have such a computer.  A Bradley gunner must manually compute the lead to hit a moving target.  The following series of screenshots show an effective method of engaging moving targets without wasting more ammunition than is necessary.  Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures.

Set sight picture 

First, set up a sight picture with the appropriate range and lead.  Track the target keeping the same sight picture, the target and the reticle should appear to be moving together.

fire spotting round

Fire a spotting round.  Maintain the same sight picture throughout the flight of the spotting round.

observe spotting round splash

Observe the spotting round splash.  The location of the spotting round is indicated by a yellow circle in the screenshot.

adjust sight picture

Adjust the point of aim.  In the example, the spotting round fell a little short and behind the target.  The new point of aim is higher with more lead.

fire short burst

Fire a short killing burst.

observe impact

Observe the impact and repeat adjustments if necessary.

For a short video clip of this example, click here.

gunner's station
Further info on target and further information concerning moving
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